November 12th hospital visit

It's been over two years since the NYC chapter has visited Tisch Hospital and we were excited to return! This time, our volunteers were supplied by Indira Couture, a custom couture fashion company bringing affordable custom gowns to fashion fans. Indira knows well the experience of making women feeling extra special, so their support today aligning perfectly with our mission. 

Today was about dividing and conquering! Many patients preferred to stay in their rooms, so the volunteers spent their time making individual room visits. We visited seven girls and one boy in their rooms and entertained two girls in the playroom. 

The moment of crowning each patient is still so special - seeing their eyes widen and their body wiggle with excitement. And then how they love to just hang around as other patients come in for their experience. Most of the time, the kids are quiet and just observe, and we are happy to have their presence. 

Hospital staff as so accommodating and thrilled at the event. We are discussing more ways For a Day can support the patients and families. A very special thanks to Tisch Hospital staff and Indira Couture for their support!