October 24 - Ronald McDonald House Gatewood

October 24 - Ronald McDonald House: Gatewood

For our annual Trunk or Treat event, we set up in the cul de sac outside of the entrance to the RMH, so the kids could easily access our delightful trunks and activities.

Because some families aren’t able to shop for costumes beforehand, we provide them for the kids, so they can all participate. Before the set up for our 5 stations were complete, a few girls were coming up and choosing costumes to wear.

Stanley, one of our volunteers, greeted all of our smiling guests and gave them stickers and consent forms and introduced our organization. Each child was offered a costume at that time.


The kids then traveled to the Wild West where Cowgirl Antoinette handed out cowboy hats and sheriff badges before the guests sailed over to the pirate’s cove, where Pirate Joseph was guarding all of the treasure.


Wonder Woman Casey and Black Panther Niguel watched over the citizens of Ronald McDonald House, and received aid from the newly caped heroes, who flew over to the princess castle where Princess Katie Snow White had crowns to match the capes.


Our final destination was the Haunted Witch’s Lair where Wicked Kinsey mixed potions in her cauldron and Ghost Thomas scared all unwanted visitors.


Two special moments during the event were our ghost being chased around the lot by small children. It was particularly funny seeing roles reversed as the kids who should have been scared were doing the scaring. We also had a never before seen battle between Captain America and Black Panther, which ended in Black Panther’s defeat. It was also exciting to see some of the parents get involved with costumes, as moms put on tiaras and dads carried pumpkins.


Each child received candy at the different stations. We worked intentionally to make sure that every treat given to a child fit the theme of any of the stations.

All in all, it was a very successful event. The volunteers were willing to do more than their share. We saw 7 girls and 9 boys.