October 31 - Ronald McDonald House Peachtree-Dunwoody

The Atlanta chapter enjoyed its return visit to the Ronald McDonald House, and our first ever Trunk or Treat on Halloween! A local junior cheer team collaborated with us, and had a great time dressing up to entertain the kids.

We set up many stations for the kids to visit their favorite characters and trick or treat with us. To fully enjoy the For A Day Foundation transformative experience, check in included costumes for all the kids!

We had a bandit at the cowboy station, face painting with Princess Jasmine, a mermaid giving out treasure, Rei from Star Wars and Spiderman training little heros, Rapunzel and Queen Elsa giving out Halloween crowns, and a cheer squad for the football table. Wonder Woman, Princess Anna, and Belle handled check in while helping the kids into their new costumes.

The kids trick or treated for candy and salty snacks, but we made sure to have plenty of toys for anyone with sugar/diet restrictions. It was such a joy to give these children the opportunity to trick or treat on Halloween like any other kid.

I was thrilled to reconnect with *Ethan from our summer Queen For A Day Program. He absolutely LOVES the characters, but I think he loves dressing up himself even more! Ethan picked out one of my favorite costumes, a fireman suit with all the accessories.

By the end of the event, we saw 6 girls and 4 boys.

Katie Higgins
Antoinette Mussa
Rhea Chaudry
Jayme Andrews
Meredith Ellis
Trinna McIntosh