August 11 - Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh - UPMC

Today, we had the gratifying experience of having our first FADF-Pittsburgh Chapter, a small gathering of 4 patients who were celebrating the end of their radiation treatment in the Oncology Radiation Unit of Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh -UPMC. Two teen girls and 2 boys (one of kindergarten age and one teenager) were in attendance, along with our 3 volunteers.

Casey, Sarah, and Rachel came ready create an impressive spread for our morning visit with cookies, muffins, fruit, and juice. We also had oatmeal bars, bottled water, V8, bananas, orange cups and other goodies. Because we were given the age range for the 3 kids that were celebrating the end of their radiation treatment prior to the event, we thought that a photobooth setup would be fun!

We had several backdrops ranging from super-girly to a dark/mysterious city-scape. 4 sets of photo props made each photo unique. After we utilized our 4x6 glossy postcard printer to print the phtobooth photos, the kids sat and chatted with us while they decorated foam picture frames with magnetic backs, adorning them with foam stickers, glitter, and doodles. The girls went home with crowns and giftbags and the boys favored light-up mohawks and king crowns.

I think our favorite moment was when the father of our older teenage boy reluctantly agreed he'd get in the picture but he was not using photo props. His son said 'Oh, you have to!" so he grabbed a princess crown and bow! His son loved the picture and decided to decorate his frame with stickers he thought his mom would enjoy.

We were asked to come back whenever we wanted to the Oncology Radiation floor and they made copies of all of our pictures that they immediately hung up behind glass on their display board. All 3 volunteers said they wish to participate again and already have ideas for what they'd like to see from the group next!

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