June 25 - Character Brunch at Ronald McDonald House

Character Brunch at Ronald McDonald House, Peachtree Dunwoody

Volunteers: Katie, Barbara, Logan and Casey (first time volunteer!)
Approx. 10 families: 2 girls, 5 boys

This was our first time doing a brunch and it was so nice to see the kids in the morning. The blankets were a HUGE hit, which is a tad surprising considering its summer time. We had assorted breakfast biscuits from Katie’s family restaurant, a fruit platter from Publix and OJ and Coffee. The facility provided all of the plates and flatware so it was a very easy set up and clean up. We had 3 characters (Wonderwoman, Batwoman and Snow White) which the kids loved. Since it was morning time, they weren’t as “wound up” as they tend to be for our evening programs so it was nice and calm and cheerful.

A special thanks to Mr. Swiss Restaurant for making this happen!