The Syracuse chapter needs supplies for its first hospital visit!

Welcome to For a Day and thank you!

I'm Katie, the Local Chapter Director for the Syracuse/Rochester area. I started working on the chapter in January of this year, so I am very excited to announce our first hospital visit is planned for August 29th!

There's a lot to accomplish before then, so I'm hoping you can participate in making it a truly memorable experience for the kids, their families, and hospital staff. 

First, I need 4 individuals to commit to attend the hospital visit that day. These individuals will help set up the party, interact with the patients, and help clean up at the end. 

These volunteers must be agree to the following:

  1. No photos of children with your personal camera/phone. (photos of other volunteers or of the event setup is fine, as long as no patients are present)
  2. Respect patient privacy: patients cannot be asked any personal info like their last name, their condition, about any procedures/treatment, when they go home. They CAN be asked about their favorite TV show, favorite subject in school, books they've read, things they like to do. 
  3. If you think you're sick or about to be, please cancel ASAP so we can find another volunteer. Patients' immune systems are very sensitive, so even the slightest sniffle or nasal congestion can affect them.

Second, we need supplies! About 20 of each of the following:

  • eyeshadow - new, hypoallergenic, unopened, various colors
  • blush - new, hypoallergenic, unopened, various colors
  • lipstick/gloss - new, hypoallergenic, unopened, various colors
  • nail polish - new, unopened, various colors
  • nail polish remover - just two bottles, non-acetone
  • cotton balls & q-tips - just two bags/cartons of these, for make-up application & nail polish remover
  • emory boards - 1-2 packages 
  • small mirrors - 3-5, handheld or tabletop. Nothing large, just something for the kids to use after their make-over
  • superhero gifts - see our Amazon wish list (you can either have them shipped to you & meet me to pick them up or request my address & have them shipped directly to me)

You can donate as an individual or perhaps a community group or even your office would like to sponsor these items. They are integral to the kids' experience, so I very much need assistance with these donations. 

We are looking forward to brightening the lives of some very deserving children and we're delighted to bring you along!

Here's the details: 
Tuesday, August 29th
Golisano Children's Hospital, Syracuse
9:45am-12:30pm (arrive at 9:45 for orientation; setup begins at 10; kids arrive at 10:30; break down begins at 12; wrap at 12:30). 

To get an idea of what you can expect, you can take a look at our previous events to get an idea of the type of experience we strive to provide for the kids. 

Please respond to this email to express your interest &/or to let me know if you can meet our supply requests. I'll host a meeting before the event to get to know you and we'll work out a date/time with those that are available. 

Katie Flaherty