Special Visit for a Special Patient

The ChildLife Coordinators at our partner facilities work so hard to keep the kids' and families' spirits up and we love being a resource for the team! We were asked to provide a special Queen for a Day visit for a particular patient today, so we went all out!

We called GlamSquad, an on-demand service for hair styling and make-up application, and they provided one of their best stylists for the event, Nina. Then we had Madlyn, a professional make-up artist, custom pick make-up for our darling, and delicately apply the luxurious products. 

We spent the afternoon painting nails, listening to Rihanna, talking make-up, and watching Nina do her magic. While our princess couldn't communicate with us, we danced and laughed around her. Hospital staff was in and out of our primp area, amazed at the transformation occurring - and I don't mean hair and make-up. 

Our princess patient became sick very quickly and lost her ability to communicate.  As of our visit, she was on the upswing, offering nods and gestures to guide us to her preferences. Before the illness, she loved fashion, music, and make-up. She never left the house without being dressed to the nines. So, being unable to physically care for herself was a drastic adjustment. 

But in our visit, we gave her a taste of her old 'normal.' At one point, someone asked, "are you sure we're in a hospital, not a spa?" I loved that - it meant we were giving her some reprieve from the situation. 

At the end of our visit, with a full blow out and professional make-up application, our princess's dimples were beginning to show in her smile. Her mother said, "I can see a bit of her coming back." She could not WAIT to get into the hallway and show everyone her new look, topped with a one-of-a-kind tiara. 

We are so grateful to the team at NYU Tisch Hospital for inviting us to treat her. A very special thank you to GlamSquad for sending Nina and to Madlyn Marie for her services. 

You can follow Nina and Madlyn on Instagram for super cool New York-type stuff.