June 15 - Texas Children’s Cancer Clinic

This month is a very special month for For a Day Foundation since  we are celebrating our 19th anniversary. This organization has been providing so much joy to the children with cancer and other serious illnesses. 

Our event in June was at Texas Children's Cancer and Hematologist Center. There were 20 girls and 15 boys that joined us to have a fun time while having for their treatment or waiting for their doctor's appointments. We had two super heroes in our event, Captain Marvel and Spider Man. The children loved to see them and take pictures with them. There was a little girl that did not want to go see the doctor, but thanks to our volunteer Amanda and the super heroes, she calmed down and went. We even have a picture of her smiling with Captain Marvel and Spider Man before she went. We had our Polaroid camera so the children could take a picture home. 

We had different craft activities such as a super hero/princess picture frames that they were able to decorate. We also had a super hero poster which was really fun to make it. Their favorite craft was to color their own super hero draw string bag. We also had tiaras and super hero capes & masks. There was a little girl that decided to wear a tiara and a super hero cape. There was also make up and nail polish for the queens, which most of them love to have. 

Our event couldn't end without an amazing lunch donated from our anonymous donor, who we are very grateful for. He is always so happy to provide the lunch for the children and their families. He served rice, beans, chicken, and beef. We also brought water and juice. We served lunch for 80 people. 

Many of the children come with their family and friends who provide support while they fight this battle against cancer.

Special thanks to our volunteer Rosane Lotz, Viviane Almeida, Chris Gintijo, Amanda Klein, and Lesha Wincher. We are also grateful for our sponsors: Elite Care 24 Hour Emergency Center, Goldfish Swim School, Smile Sonrisa Dental, and California Pizza Kitchen.

PS: Our event is only made possible because of the donations we receive.  We bought nail polish, make up, craft activities, plates, drinks, utensils, and paid for the super heroes. We hope that YOU become a part of our organization.  You have the power to change a day for a child who is battling cancer by making a donation today.